The Yellowstone National Park - Old Faithful WebCam
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Old Faithfull Geyser is located in a volcano hot bed of 13 other
geysers, in Yellowstone National Park. Each geyser goes
off at different times in the same area. But Old Faithfull geyser 
has been the most active and the most time predictable. The names
of the other geysers are: The Grand geyser, The Giant, The
Beehive, The Lion, The Plume, The Anernone, the Aurum, and the
Giantess geysers.

Yellowstone Old Faithful Geyser 

An eruption can shoot 3,7008,400 gallons (14,00032,000 l) 
of boiling water to a height of 106-184 feet, lasting from 
1 - 5 minutes. The average height of an eruption is 145 feet. 
The intervals range from 65-92 minutes with 91 minutes being 
the average. More than 137,000 eruptions have been recorded.