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Welcome to our Grand Opening of Christianland's Puppet Theatre on Television! .......... Enjoy our musical puppet theatre, right from the comforts of your own home on TV ......We are excited to announce to the Prescott Tri City area in Arizona, that The Christianland Puppet Theatre is available on local Television Access Channel 13 ..... Check out our new TV Broadcasting Schedule for more details .......... On Jan. 19th 2007 - - - Christianland's Puppet team won the Best Series Of The Year Award 2007 at the Access Channel 13 TV Film Awards ... We were nominated for three selections! ... Entertainment of the Year Award, Most Inspirital of the Year Award, and Best TV Program Series Award for the year....WOW ! What an honor! We are thrilled ...............Check out our newest Special Website Features Attractions .... .......... Virtual Fireworks Shows now open! ........ Our online virtual amusement park. .......... Experience real rollercoaster rides online .... From the front seat, you will experience the realness of the ride ......... Christianland Amusement Park is dedicated to Our Lord Jesus Christ ..... Our goal is to keep Jesus FIRST, in everything we do, while having good clean family fun.........

Our Musical Puppet Team
TV Film Award Received Jan. 19th 2007

Veiw Awards Pictures - CLICK HERE
Veiw Puppet Walking The Red Carpet - CLICK HERE

Lights, Camera, ACTION!
Now Showing on Acess 13 Television

Febuary Love One Another Party
All About Love

Christianland Puppets is having a very special Feb. 14th party. 
"A Love One Another Party." Christian Alterative Party.
 In these cute short plays, our puppets learn what Love 
is all about. The Bible scriptures teaches us how to love 
everyone! Special Effects Disco ball included.

Febuary Love One Another Party



Ya Hoo! It is a western show! A Funny Musical Western Drama! 
Join our puppets as they ride into Christianland
Western Town. Watch two of our puppets rope wild stallions.
Two of our puppets fall in love in this western romance.
Come have a roping good time.

The Worlds First Sign Langauge Puppet!
The Worlds First Sign Langauge Puppet

Our Puppet Tina is learning Sign Langauge at school. 
Tina wants to teach your kids a brief lessons in sign langauge, 
so that the kids can learn how to communicate with
with the deaf at school. The circus animals puppets 
give Tina a hand in doing the Alphabet A to Z 
in sign langauge. A very fun funny show!

The Toy Story!
Toy Story

Choosing Good Toys!
And Saying No To Evil Toys!

Our Puppet team talks about how dangerous
evil games are. Teaching kids the right
and wrongs about choosing toys. And to throw
away the evil video games that causes school
shootings. Putting up a safety shield around
the family unit.

Now Available On DVD and VCR!

No Halloween Only A Jesus Party Instead
Jesus Loves You Harvest Party -

Christian Alternative Puppet Party in October.

Our Puppets are teaching the kids, the right and wrongs about Halloween History. Learn what God says to us about the subject in the Bible Scriptures. Teaching kids to say No to pirates, No to witches, and other role models of Halloween evils. And to say YES to Jesus.

Thanksgiving With Abe Lincoln
A Presidental Thanksgiving -

As told by our puppet actor Abraham Lincoln. Using musical puppets and true USA History Facts from Lincoln's Thanksgiving Speech. The very FIRST time Thanksgiving became a National Holiday. Lincoln retells the true history of the first Christians the Puritian Pilgrims started our nation America.

Happy Holidays From Puppetland to you!
A Puppet Family Christmas-
In the city of Hope Town , where everybody is a Christian believer. The entire town gathers to celebrate keeping Jesus first in all they do. Our musical puppets team, gather together for a special holiday season. The Christianland parade is about to start. Our Puppets are teaching the kids to "Say NO to Santa St. Nicholas," which are the deed of the Nicholations which Jesus hates.(Rev.2-3 message from JESUS). Jesus wants us to ask HIM only for our presents and not Santa. No other gods! Come see the fun!

Now Available On DVD and VCR!
All Seven puppet shows in a special holiday edition for a low cost of $59.00!
Or Two Puppet Shows (Your Choise Which Shows) for $ 19.99 Plus the cost shiping and handling.

Call (928) 772 - 3039 For more information

Send personal check or money order to:

Vickilynn Shotwell
P.O Box 53
Mayer, AZ 86333


Access Channel 13

Join us Every Sunday Mornings - at 6:30 am

Join us Every Monday - at 4:30 pm


Prescott Valley , ARIZONA
PV Channel 13

Join us Every Thursday Nights -
at 7:00 pm

And Every Saturday Mornings -
at 7:30 am

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