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Bible Truths Website Presents:
Christianland Amusement Park
Christian Family Fun & Entertainment

Welcome to The Christianland Virtual Amusement park online! ..... Home of the Awards Wining Christianland Puppets Theater TV Shows ....New Feature.... Now Broadcasting Live on our new Internet TV Station ....See our Live Broadcast below............... Check out our newest Special Features Attractions!... Using Quick Time Video you can experience many rollercoaster rides! ... From the front seat you will experience the realness of the ride!... Christianland Amusement park is dedicated to Our Lord Jesus Christ! ..... Our goal is to keep Jesus first in everything we do in life while having good clean family fun!          

Christianland Puppet TV Now Live on Ustream Broadcasting

Click Here For Achives Pre recorded Broadcast

Click Here For
Home Of The Two Time Award Winning
Christianland Puppet Theater TV Show


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We ask that you set your own price for entry to the park! If Christianland Amusement park has blessed you, please consider making a donation. By your help, you can keep this ministry fun going. Thank you for your help and support! God Bless You In Jesus Name!

Tom & Vickilynn VerSteeg
P.O Box 53
Mayer, Arizona 86333

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We would love to hear from you.
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